Brand Identity: Fasal

Project Duration: 8 Weeks
Project Guide: Dr. Nanki Nath

Fasal is a small start-up for agriculture ecosystem, it uses AI and data science to make on-farm predictions.


Fasal is a small IoT based start-up which just started in november 2017. It is for agriculture ecosystem, it uses AI and data science to make on-farm predictions.

Fasal is currently being incubated at NASSCOM CoE IoT (Govt. Of India Initiative) Bengaluru. Fasal aims to help farmers conduct regular analysis of their crop. Initially it was made for large farms like vineyards.

What Fasal does?

  • Sense
  • Analyse
  • Predict
  • ACT

Fasal removes guesswork in decision making. It utilizes resource and does disease prediction.


Fasal Team

  • Founder
  • CEO
  • CTO
  • Developer Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Research Team
  • Investors


  • Distributors
  • Farmers
  • Workers
  • Manager of a farm
  • Sellers


  • Import/Export houses
  • Sensor module suppliers
  • Assemblers
  • Manufacturers
  • Transporters


The objective of this design project is to understand the system of Fasal holistically, conduct a detailed analysis and research about the users within the Fasal system.

To build a future strategy for the purpose of making their business better and also incorporating a revived format of information communication as part of the graphic design intervention on their platforms.

Scope of the project

• Researching about how a startup works.
• User centric design approach.
• Building strategy around futuristic scenarios for Fasal.
• Competitor study and making a full proof strategy.
• Exploring different brand building techniques.
• The overall system and marketing strategy and all relevant designs for branding Fasal

Primary Research

Understanding the system of fasal.- Within Fasal team

  • How their application works
  • What is their business strategy
  • How they deal with their customers
  • How they approach to investors

Researching about other technology related systems which deals with the farmers

  • Applications related to agriculture
  • Indian application related to farming (mainly for knowing the price of commodity from the open data provided by
  • Case study of ‘Farmrise’ application made by lollypop UI/UX design studio

Researching about what is brand identity, how it works and why it is needed.

  • Reading different case studies from other design studios
  • Reading a book, web articles and watching videos

Other companies in same domain in India and as well as abroad.

  • Agnext – Indian company
  • The Yield – Australian company
  • Arable – American company

Brand Identity



  • Trust
  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty


  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Computers
  • Phone
  • Cloud
  • Futuristic
  • Artificial
  • Time Saving
  • Helpful
  • Effective-Efficient
  • Accurate-Precise
  • Reliable
  • Advancement


  • Farmer
  • Food
  • Plow
  • Field-Yield
  • Tractor
  • Turban
  • Village
  • Natural
  • Foundation
  • Hard work
  • Creation
  • Knowledge
  • Humanity
  • Green-Brown-Gold
  • Life-Healthy-Health

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Dangerous
  • Confusing
  • Reduce Work
  • Electronic Brain
  • Impact over time
  • Learns
  • Adopts
  • Misunderstood
  • Mathematics
  • Robot
  • Algorithms
  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Smart

Logo explorations

Explorations in digital mediums

Mathematical construction of a logo

Fasal app interface