Modular Package Design

Modular Package Design

Project Guide : Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Duration: 2 Weeks

Package design for pack of wooden comb. Most of the comb you can buy from the market comes in fragile plastic wrap or a paper box. The box has a lack of information about what type of hair the comb is intended for

Problem Statement

Most of the comb you can buy from the market comes in fragile plastic wrap or a paper box. The box has a lack of information about what type of hair the comb is intended for. After buying a comb, storing and placing a comb on the dresser is also a challenge. People usually rest the comb on the surface where it could collect dust and other bacteria. It could also spread broken hair strands in the surrounding area. While traveling people usually put comb with other things in the bag where it could contaminate other stuff and probably entangle with charging cords, earphones, or other strings. This issue becomes severe especially if the person has skin issues like dandruff. It would be helpful if the packaging itself could act as a comb stand and comb cover while traveling.

Product Reference

Product: Wooden Comb
End-user: Health-conscious people. People who like to keep things organized and tidy

Estimated product cost: 200-300 per piece

Existing brand example: Simgin wooden combs

Product tagline: 100% herbal (Original) Simgin neem wood comb comes with the goodness of pure neem and it refreshes scalp after use.

Product Features

Wide tooth wooden comb detangles your hair without pulling or breaking them. Natural wood fibers balance oil on your scalp. It will eliminate dandruff and reduce the excess of oil on the scalp. Combing your hair with fine quality wooden comb nourishes every strand from root to tip! Teeth of the wooden comb improve blood circulation. Regular use of wooden comb helps you maintain smooth, shiny, bouncy and frizz free hair!

Shape Exploration

I was trying different shapes for which comb could fit into. I was working on the hexagon shape and then dividing it into subparts to define the neck of the cover. Hexagon because so that many packages could fit into each other without the wastage of space. I was also figuring out that, should I make packaging for one piece or more than one piece. For the packaging to work as a stand, it has to be able to stand on its own. That’s why I needed a stable base. After this, I start working on a prototype that is made of paper.

 Then I thought why not use that other two parts of a package as comb holder too. So, I thought of making three comb combos. I increased the size of the package and changed the shape. This package could be opened up in three equal parts and those three parts could work as comb stand. Assuming those three covers will stick to each other with the help of a magnetic strip.

Because of the bigger size, It could be difficult to travel with such a big box! people might not like to take a big box with them if they want to take only one comb with them. So, if you are traveling then you unfold the box from the bottom, squeeze and then refold with another folding mechanism. Now it would take less space. But by doing this the structural stability was compromised and it was already complicated to unfold three covers out of one box.

I was working on other ideas then my guide showed me the packaging of a sunglasses which might be useful for the comb packaging. The idea was that comb would come in the triangular shape of a box, after unfolding the box and pushing down one opening of the box and then refolding the package it could work as a comb stand. Here also the outer fold is being stuck using magnets.

And when we want to travel we could unfold both opening of the box and the whole box would unfold flat. Single flat comb also could fit into this box. But the problem with this packaging was that the size of the box has to be larger than the comb, and when we are using this box as comb stand, the stand has to be smaller than the size of the comb. Otherwise, it would be useless as comb stand.

In between trying out different designs I asked few friends of mine how they use combs and what type of combs they use. Most of the time people use max two types of combs, one to untangle the hair and other to comb the hair. So, I tried to make a package which would come in two comb combos. For two combs the space of the box could be increased enough that it would not come in a way when we want to travel with that box. And now I have to worry about two stands only.In this design, the comb cover will be divided into two parts and these two parts will stick with each other with the help of a magnetic strip. It opens up so easily, no complicated folds or stacks of stands. The mouth of the cover is open enough that user doesn’t have to worry about precisely putting comb in the stand. And the base area is large enough that it would not fall down. For the prototype, I used cartridge paper but even then the structure was strong. For the production, I intend to use thick paper as a base material and the brand information would be printed on separate printing paper and stuck on thick paper using glue.

Final Design


The total height of the box is 210 mm, after opening its maximum height is 135 mm and minimum height is 115 mm. The top right and bottom right corner will have magnet strips which will stick with each after opening the box and keeping with each other.


The inside and outside of the box will be made of paperboard with thickness 0.9mm and the outside cover will be printed on paperboard itself. Outside and inside part of the box will be glued together which will give more strength and create a seamless opening for the box.

Graphics Layout

For the graphic layout, I have referenced the theme of the original company. Their theme is based on organic, hygienic, natural, ayurvedic, neem wood product. In this design, the color palette was chosen in a way that it complements the mood of the brand.

The outside paper will be printed with offset print first and then second coating will be with UV ink which will give the shine to the pattern and the texts.

Mass Manufacturing

The inside paper die cut layout is shown in the diagram. The width of each side of the inside box is 2 mm smaller than the original size so that it could fit inside the paper cut layout (b) The excess part is mentioned in the layout which will be glued and stuck on inside.

For both part (a) and (b) 0.9mm paperboard is used. For part (b) we can print directly on the paper.


The feature of this packaging is that after purchasing the product the package could be used as the stand. The product information is printed in a way that after making it a stand, text part will be hidden and only attractive design will be visible. Besides that, while traveling this package also could work as comb cover. It is made with thick paper and after coated with paper. So, it’s durable and would not lose its shape easily. These are some renderings of the product.

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