UX Case Study : Naukri.com

Project Type : Case Study
Duration : 3 Days

Naukri.com is an employment platform in India. It has one of the largest databases of registered job seekers. It also provides hiring-related services to corporate recruiters


The goal of this case study to understand the UX design of Naukri.com, a platform to search for job opportunities in India. There are many features available to users including the ability to upload and edit resumes and apply for jobs from their mobile devices.

Naukri has an employment database with active listings of more than 5 million vacancies and also provides services for corporate recruiters who want to hire candidates online through the website.


The website of Naukri.com could be very confusing for users, it is filled with advertisement pop-ups and a lot of repeating information. Almost every button or link on the website creates a new tab and after a while, it becomes hard to track where are you and what are you looking for. Opening pages in a new tab is rarely a good strategy, this could lead to frustration and also a slow down of the user’s system. The pop-up advertisements, the way recruiters are advertised on the page could be improved.

Front page of current website naukri.com. When clicked on the company mentioned in the list it opens a new tab to this customized webpage. And again when clicked on the Jobs on the same page, it opens a new tab for job details

UX Flow of Current Website

A website user flow is the set of steps a user takes to complete a task. The user flow takes them from their entry point through a set of steps towards a successful outcome and final action, such as purchasing a product.

The user flow is the basis for content requirements on web pages or app screens. Beginning with an understanding of user needs helps the product team build a user flow and experience that is designed to meet those needs. The current user flow of the website is highly unoptimized. A lot of entry points lead to the same page. Removing those duplicate entry points would give user precise choice and would lead to a cleaner user experience

Naukri.com App

Naukri.com has a mobile app developed on IOS and Android platforms. For now, two types of apps are available: Naukri Job Search (recommended for mobile users) and Naukri recruiter App. The Naukri Job Search app is created to assist job seekers on the go.

The app of Naukri.com is better designed than the website counterpart. While signing up it asks a lot of questions and based on that it creates a suitable profile. The number of questions could be lessened since a lot of questions it asks about could already be found in the information provided earlier.

Existing app of naukri.com


This wireframe is more streamlined for setting up the profile and finding the relevant jobs. On signing up user is given easy ways to set up a profile. Users can import relevant data from other platforms or A.I. can scan uploaded documents and extract the information.

UI Design and other improvements

There are few ways we could improve the signing up experience for the new users. On signing up we could provide two kinds of imports for building the user profile. One for importing information from other platforms like LinkedIn. And the second is uploading the existing resume of the user.

Almost every user who wants to sign up for this service would have an existing pdf or word document of the resume. With the help of machine learning, we could extract all that information and save time and make it more convenient.

Also, job seekers need a way to search for jobs that best match their qualifications. The current search kind of works but it’s not the most optimal solution. The designs could be changed as well since there is no clear indication as to what information actually is being displayed in certain fields.

Key information like the location of the job, salary, number of open positions, and the job profile should be clearly visible. Based on this user could decide to open that job listing for further information or not.

There is no clear indication of how a user can apply for the selected job. Most of the recruiters has given their email address and the user is expected to send a separate mail for that job application. This is counterintuitive, the platform should give the robust structure and tracking of how many people have applied for the particular job and the recruiter should be able to view those applications in the Naukri app itself.

In the long term, this would provide credibility to the recruiters and the platform. This would increase the engagement on the platform.