Website Design :

Project Type : Live Project
Duration : 2 Weeks

Pixart is a multi vendor eCommerce platform. Starting with paintings, it aims to sell different kinds of high-quality artworks ranging from paintings, posters, crafts, modern art, and sculptures.


Pixart is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform that is built to exclusively showcase the best of Indian art. It was started in the year 2021 to help every art lover in India to buy art online. The website has been designed to help art buyers to understand the art they are buying and the artists who created it. Pixart aims to build an online platform that exclusively sells paintings, sculptures, ink drawings, and more by top artists from around the country.

The idea was based on the reality that art is not a commodity like a book or a smartphone and it needs to be understood and appreciated before it can be bought. We strive to make art buying in India easy, and our entire process is designed to be fun and stress-free for you. Pixart’s aim is to provide customers with a hassle-free experience that will help them buy art online with confidence.

Pixart has a team of curators who constantly keep an eye on the art scene and select the best of the best for their customers. After selecting the paintings, they also help customers understand their worth and the artist behind them. They also have an excellent customer care team that is always ready to help with any questions customers have about art.


The requirement was to build a clean website with minimal visual distractions so that users can browse through products without visual noise. On the home page, few products are featured based on their attributes like if they are bestsellers or at discounts. In the future, this will also help when scaling with different kinds of products.

The Shope page is built with a minimal number of required filters, as the products on this website are handpicked and curated for the highest quality and with limited quantity.

On the product page, users can go through different gallery images and select different views of the painting. The second gallery image shows the approximate scaling of the artwork on the wall so that users can judge the dimension of the product.

Login screen that also supports login with different social sites and option to register as vendor or a customer.
Contexual menu for quickly navigating through different important links

Product page where users can go through different gallery images and select different views of the painting.

Shop page of the website. It is built in a way that users can quickly browse through different artwork.

UX Design and features

The user interface of the website is clean with minimal visual distractions. The process of viewing a product, searching for a specific product or browsing for different catagory has been made faster. It provides the option to add products to wishlist without creating account and option to create account fast during checkout.

User can also select different kind of social media for a login and pay with fast and reliable mediums like PayPal.

On the product page, it includes the essential information about a painting like type of painting and size in short description and in the long description the idea behind the painting has been described by the artist.

Since this is a multi vendor platform, user can also register as vendor. While creating a vendor account, the admin has to approve the vendor befor vendor can start selling on the website. There is also an option for admin to approve each product before it becomes live on the website.

Vendor Dashboard